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Government and Unions reach no agreement; Government urges r...

Members of the public are hereby informed that representatives of Government and five (5) recognised Unions affiliated to the Botswana Federation of Public Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU) met yesterday afternoon (12/5/11) to continue with salary negotiations.

At the end of the negotiating session, the two parties had failed to reach any agreement on Union demands for a salary adjustment.

Two parties did, however, agree that they would keep the door open for further possible negotiations.

During the meeting, Government re-tabled its conditional offer of a 5% increase, which could be enacted following a joint review of the performance of the economy in the first quarter of this financial year (i.e. April-June 2011).
It remains the position of Government that such an adjustment could implemented if the economy continues to improve, allowing it to meet its deficit reduction targets.
For their part, the Unions indicated that they were prepared to lower their salary adjustment demand from 16% to 13.8%.

During the session no further offers were put on the table.

The Union representatives further stated that the conditional offer made by Government was unacceptable.

Government as the employer urged the Unions to encourage their members to return to work whilst the negotiation continues. 

(Signed) F. S. Bakwena
13th May 2011


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