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Office of the President (OP)
Government Welcomes back workers, to pay 3%

Government wishes to acknowledge the apology by Unions concerning the on-going strike by public servants, and affirms its desire and commitment to all efforts by the parties which will bring the strike to an end.

The Government therefore wishes to inform the general public that it is prepared to welcome back and to receive at work, all striking non-essential services employees with immediate effect.

The Government has also made a commitment that all employees in essential services who have been dismissed for taking part in the strike declared by the Industrial Court as illegal and unprotected, are eligible to re-apply with immediate effect, to the Directorate of Public Service Management for re-employment.

In this regard, DPSM shall use its best endeavours to have them placed in employment and/or positions in the public service as is reasonably practicable depending, among others, on availability of vacancies, and the interest of the public service.

Finally, as part of the settlement of the strike, the Government undertakes to pay 3% salary adjustment to all employees in the public service with effect from 1st September, 2011.

(Signed) Eric M. Molale
06th June, 20111

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