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Office of the President (OP)
Government Suspends wage negotiations

The government wishes to announce that it considers it unreasonable for the strike to continue considering that it has made the economic case very clear before and during the strike, on the reasons why the union's demands cannot be met.

Therefore, for the strike to be continuing indefinitely as it is, although by a small minority, is unreasonable.

It has also become clear that the strike has been diverted by the unions and opposition parties from being a dispute over public service wages to a political campaign, with a view to winning favour from those on strike and the public. As stated in earlier statements, some of these activities and utterances are unlawful and have the potential to cause public disorder and destabilize our peace-loving nation.

Moreover, it is of great concern that the unions and opposition leadership continue to urge public officers to go on strike, lose their pay for days that are not at work, while they themselves continue to earn their full salaries, a matter which is grossly unfair.

In view of the fact that the government has made its position on economy clear, the politicization of the strike and the unlawful activities and utterances by the unions and opposition party leadership, the government has decided to suspend all wage negotiations until the strike has ended.

Eric M. Molale
Permanent Secretary to the President and Secretary to Cabinet

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