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Office of the President (OP)
Cabinet not divided,No "fall out" with Sir Ketumile

Government has on past occasions expressed its concern about the seemingly growing trend on the part of some segments of the media in publishing unsubstantiated and misleading reports in an apparent effort to tarnish the good name of the political leadership.

In this context we wish to once more express our concern with specific reference to articles appearing in two local publications this morning.

Contrary to what has been suggested in one front page article [Echo
9/6/11 "Khama, Merafhe differ on strike resolution"] there is no truth to the allegation that H.E. the President and H.H. the Vice President, along with the Hon. Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration were divided over Government's latest position with respect to the ongoing strike by a segment of the civil service.

Further to the above, Government's position, as was communicated by the Permanent Secretary to the President and Secretary of Cabinet on Monday
evening, enjoys the unanimous support of Cabinet.   

Government also wishes to dismiss as unfounded the front page report appearing in another local newspaper [Guardian 9/6/11 "Khama, Masire fall out"], which alleges that H.H. the Vice President gave a so-called "stern warning" to the former President Sir Ketumile Masire.

We are moreover shocked and reject with contempt the allegation that there is any perception whatsoever of the Former President seeking to somehow be "running a parallel government". This allegation does a great disservice to the esteem and good will that has always existed between the current administration and both past presidents.

Further to the above, Government has been fully informed and appreciative of the efforts by Sir Ketumile, along with Church leaders and BOCCIM, to assist in the mediation of the strike.

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