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Office of the President (OP)
Beware of possible flooding in your area

The country has of late been receiving good rains as forecasted by the Department of Meteorological Services.  In this regard, the National Disaster Management Office would like to advise members of the public to excise caution and be vigilant of overflowing rivers and submerged bridges as this could endanger their lives or risk being swept away. The NDMO further urges parents to be cautious of their children during this time of the year and always monitor their movements.

Prior to the current situation NDMO as per its normal preparatory initiatives undertook a number of activities aimed at minimising the risk of flooding in the country.  Since 2009 the NDMO has continuously conducted capacity building trainings geared towards empowering members of the various District Disaster Management Committees on disaster risk reduction and contingency planning. The objective of these trainings is to equip DDMC members with the knowledge on how to prepare and respond to any emergencies including floods that might occur within their districts. Initially, these training were focused on the disaster prone districts in the country. Similarly, these trainings have also covered other Districts in the country which are less prone to disasters.

As early as last year, the office organised a National Disaster Preparedness workshop on the 12 October in Francistown. The workshop was primarily called upon to discuss the Seasonal Rainfall Forecast for the
2010-11 rainfall season. The statement indicated that the country was likely to receive normal to above normal rainfall.  As a result some areas were likely to experience flooding. The workshop also discussed the possibilities of flooding and necessary preparedness measures that could be adopted to reduce the impact of the disaster. Districts were urged to review their District specific Contingency Plans in anticipation of any flooding eventuality.

In anticipation of the coming flood season the NDMO further took stock of its inventory at the national disaster relief warehouse in Gaborone.
At the District level DDMCs were requested to augment their relief stocks. Furthermore, the NDMO has also strategically prepositioned some relief supplies at Dukwi to cater for the northern part of the country, in case District relief supplies are overwhelmed. Some of the items that are prepositioned across the country for possible distribution in the event of a disaster include various types of tents (Marquee, Cottage and
Bow) power generators, mattress, lamps and various cooking utensils. 

In addition, the NDMO has in place the National Disaster Relief Fund which is used to provide relief to households that have been affected by disasters. 

For assistance members of the public are requested to call the Office of the District Commissioner, Dikgosi, nearest Police Station or Bo-Mmaboipelego or any member public servant in the District.

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