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Office of the President (OP)
Arrest of Laurent Gbagbo

The Government of Botswana wishes to state that the capture of Laurent Gbagbo who had illegitimately attempted to impose himself as the President of Cote d' Ivoire despite losing elections and, in defiance of calls by the international community to relinquish power, is a welcome development.

It is Government's sincere hope that Mr. Gbagbo and those associated with him will be held to account for crimes they committed against the people of Cote d' Ivoire.  The international community must send the strongest possible message that crimes against humanity will not be tolerated.

It is also the Botswana Government's fervent hope that the country will return to normalcy to be able to regain democracy and its economic status it once enjoyed for the benefit of the Ivorian people.

We would wish the entire international community to lend its support to President Quattara to achieve this objective.

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