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Office of the President (OP)
: Response to Echo Newspaper Article - KHAMA AGREE TO SPAR W...

Your article in the Echo dated 7th – 13th July 201, from undisclosed sources has some erroneous statements and has made you, the reporter, write an article full of untruths.

The first instance is that His Excellency the President did not and has not “finally bowed down to pressure” to meet with BDP members of Parliament.  He was not coerced into calling the meeting.  It was his decision to have it with no pressure put on him.

Secondly it is not true that the MP’s had put any stipulations for attending the meeting at the Farm.  On top of that the meeting that the President called did have Cabinet Ministers present.

It is unfortunate to note that the “sources” who at times are referred to as “the insider” continued to spin the falsehood that the members of the BDP were concerned at the way the President runs the Party.
It is such a pity that your “insider” neglected to inform you that discussions were open and engaging with plenty of suggestions and comments on all topics covered.

We finally reiterate that His Excellency has been on good terms with the BDP back benchers and looks forward to seeing all the members from the different regions at the BDP Congress over the weekend.

(Signed) Maleta Mogwe                                                                                               
Press Secretary to the President
7th July 2011


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