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Office of the President (OP)
H.H. the Vice President's statement on the closure of Gover...


1. As you are aware five (5) public service unions have announced that the ongoing strike by public sector employees is indefinite.

2. In the light of this development, Government has taken urgent contingency measures to ensure continuity in the provision of public services.

3. In the context of these ongoing efforts, Government is concerned about recent developments in some of our schools.

4. As you already know, a number of teachers have joined the strike, which has disrupted teaching, learning and discipline in the schools.
5. Unfortunately, a new development has now emerged in which acts of violence in some schools have occurred, resulting in injuries and destruction of property.

6. In the face of this development, Government is concerned about the safety and security of students, teachers and members of the public, as well as public and private property.

7. Having considered all possible options, we have taken the decision to close all Government primary and secondary schools until further notice.

8. The Minister of Education and Skills Development has already issued a notice to this effect.

9. The closure will give us time to restore a proper learning environment in our schools.


10. In this regard, I appeal to all of you to assist Government in any way possible, to maintain peace and stability in our country.

11. We are a nation that has progressed on the basis of our paramount value of Botho, and respect for the rule of law.

12. It will take time, money and sacrifice to undo the damage that has been caused by a few to our economy.

13. This means that we shall face serious difficulties in repairing, fixing and rebuilding facilities in schools that may have been damaged.

14. As a result, the welfare and future learning of our children will be further compromised.

15. On behalf of Government and all Batswana, I appeal to all those bent on disturbing the peace to refrain from any destructive behaviour, more especially injury to fellow Batswana, and damage to property.
16. If this continues, Government will have no option but to take whatever action may be necessary to ensure the maintenance of peace and stability. PULA!!


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