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Botswana ranked 4 in the world for mining investment

Yesterday (28/09/11) RESOURCESTOCKS (RS) released its latest World Risk Survey of the global mineral sector. According to the Survey Botswana has once more been ranked among the world's "best mining countries", i.e. leading preferred mineral investment destinations. This year we tied with Sweden for fourth position.

Botswana has consistently been ranked in the global top best mining countries by RESOURCESTOCKS since its inclusion in the annual survey a decade ago.

Widely considered to be the most authoritative industry study of its kind, the annual survey is conducted among resource sector leaders who allocate scores in ten different categories: sovereign risk, land access, green tape, land claims, red tape, social risk, infrastructure, civil unrest, natural disasters, and labour relations.

The Survey incorporates findings collected from some 3000 senior mining, oil and gas industry executives worldwide.

The top ten performers in this year's Survey were (1) Finland, (2) Chile, (3) Burkina Faso, (4) Botswana and Sweden, (6) United States, (7) Australia, (8) Brazil, (9) Canada, and (10) and Argentina.
Botswana's consistent attractions are reported to include excellent mining laws that encourage exploration and mine development, high levels of civil order and a low level of sovereign risk.

According to RS Botswana's star performance is a sharp contrast with other countries in the region whose standings are brought down by "a lack of infrastructure, red tape and sovereign risk issues."

The finding of the latest RESOURCESTOCKS survey are consistent with those of the Fraser Institute's annual mining Companies Survey released earlier this year which also placed Botswana in the Global top ten, as well as first in Africa as a location for mineral investment.


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