Local time: Thursday, 27 February 2020 04:25:59hrs
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Office of the President (OP)
Agriculture Appeal for Unity in Controlling Foot & Mouth.

As members of the public are aware there has been an outbreak of Foot & mouth Disease in the Matsiloje area.

Given the potential implications of this development it is natural that members of the public are deeply concerned that adequate Foot & Mouth disease control measures are in place.

The Ministry of Agriculture, therefore, wishes to reassure the public that, notwithstanding the ongoing labour action by a section of public service workers, control measures have been given top priority and are being fully implemented.

In this respect the Ministry is encouraged by the response of veterinary workers to the outbreak and call upon them to keep up the good effort. We further take this opportunity to appeal to all stakeholders for their continued support and commitment in assisting us this matter. 

Given the potential long-term cost of a further spread of Foot & Mouth we also call upon all stakeholders to be steadfast in rejecting any irresponsible parties who may wish to comprise our disease control efforts. 

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