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2011 State of the Nation Address clarification in reported ...

With reference to the above it has been pointed that the figures for the number of reported participants in 2010 in the National Art, Basket and Crafts Categories are at seeming variance between this year's and last year's address.

Whereas last year's (2010) address reported that the number of participants in the National Art, Basket and Crafts Categories rose from 297 in 2009 to 1245 in 2010 this year's speech reported an increase in participation in the same categories "from 777 in 2010 to 1143 in 2011."

Having looked into the matter the Ministry concerned has informed us that last year's figures accurately reflect the increase in the number of individual participating  in the exhibition, while this year's reflect the number of art/craft works that were entered, in some cases by more than one participant - i.e. in 2010 a total of 777 art/craft works produced jointly or separately by a total of 1245 individuals were entered into the National Art, Basket and Crafts Categories.

Our regrets for the confusion, on hindsight the figures cited in this year's speech should rather have been more accurately labled as "art/craft works" or "entries" rather than "participants".   

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