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Office of the President (OP)
Inside the Presidency-Issue No 5 of 2012

Welcome to another edition of your weekly window into events and issues involving the Presidency.

Yesterday, His Excellency the President, Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, chaired the 32nd  biannual session of the full HLCC, which brings together senior representatives of Government, the private sector and other key stakeholders to discuss ways of ensuring that Botswana becomes a more productive and prosperous nation. The work of the HLCC is supported by regular meetings of industry sector specific sub-committee within each Ministry.

In their remarks both the President and the President of BOCCIM, speaking on behalf of Government and the private sector respectively, reaffirmed their desire for continued partnership in building an enabling environment for citizen led private sector growth and economic diversification, as manifest in ongoing cooperation to achieve Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) and youth empowerment targets.

At the recent SMME Pitso concern had been expressed by both Government and BOCCIM participants that some procuring entities are still failing to apply the prescribed EDD preferential margins, with stakeholders agreeing to work together to better ensure compliance.

Last weekend, the President used the occasion of his address at a Congress of his political party’s Youth League to further underscore Government’s current holistic approach to youth empowerment, noting that beyond education and training, as well as the promotion of job creation, Government had expanded its financing through the Youth Development Fund.

At the event His Excellency and others also reiterated that it was important for sitting dikgosi to avoid partisan political entanglements, noting that he himself could only contemplate taking up his duties of bogosi once he had put aside his political career.

More Houses for the Needy

On Saturday H.H. the Vice President, Lt. Gen. Mompati Merafhe, had the pleasure of handing over two houses and other infrastructure for the benefit of the less privileged at Serinane and Malwelwe villages in Kweneng. The houses were constructed through the efforts of Mr. James Moffat of Banco Construction Company and his family, as their personal in response to the President’s Housing Appeal for the Needy.

In his remarks, His Honour commended the Moffat family’s gesture as a further example of an emerging commitment to community service, which is transforming the lives of many Batswana for the better.

The Vice President also used the occasion to remind his audience that government had recently launched its Guidelines for the Poverty Eradication in order to increase public awareness of the full range of the alternative packages offered under this programme.

He further reiterated the need for private sector entities to emulate the noble example of Banco construction by making their own contribution to the social upliftment of the impoverished.


Also over the past weekend the Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, the Hon. Mokgweetsi Masisi, was the guest of honour at the BDF’s 35th anniversary celebrations at Selebi Phikwe. Speaking to journalists at the ceremony, he observed that it was fortunate that our country is served by a well-trained, professional, and disciplined military who esprit d’ corps and record in such activities as peacekeeping and assisting in anti-poaching operations has attracted international admiration.

He further expressed his disappointment at recent misreporting on the part of some in the media regarding BDF procurement process, noting that the Force has been open its willingness to provide journalists with correct information. 

81% support the President

Last week the Gallup Polling Organization reported the African findings of their 2011 global survey of public perceptions of leadership performance. Altogether the survey covers 142 jurisdictions, including the 34 sub-Saharan African Countries.

This Office is pleased to note that the figures for our country show that as of the end of October 2011 an overwhelming 81% approved of President Khama’s overall job performance. The same survey further reported that 73% of Batswana also approved of the country's overall leadership.

Gallup’s polling in Botswana was conducted from the 15-29 October 2011, through face to face interviews in Setswana and English with a scientificly distributed sample of 1000. According to Gallup, the survey has a potential plus or minus margin of error of 3.9%.

The percentage ranking for both the President and Country Leadership are the highest among surveyed countries in the SADC region, as well as being well above both the African and global average.
Arguably the world’s most authoritative polling agency, Gallup regularly conducts public opinion polls in more than 140 countries around the world. As such Gallup Polls are routinely referenced in the mass media as a reliable and objective audience measurement public opinion.

Historically, the Gallup Poll has measured and tracked the public's attitudes concerning virtually every political, social, and economic issue of the day, including highly sensitive or controversial subjects. In 2005, Gallup began its World Poll, which continually surveys citizens in more than 140 countries, representing 95% of the world's adult population.

The latest Gallup poll in consistent with other recent public opinion surveys, such as Afrobaromtre, which have also consistently indicated very high levels of public support for the President’s leadership.

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