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Office of the President (OP)
Requirements within Botswana

The relevant institution reserves the right to second/ attach local counterpart(s) to the research team for purposes of building local capacity. The costs for such seconded/ attached staff would be the responsibility of that institution.

Where the researcher wishes for his/ her own part to obtain assistance from local institutions such as the University of Botswana (UB), such applications of assistance should be directed to the relevant institution. Ordinarily, in this case costs related to such assistance would be agreed between the relevant institution and the researcher.


·        Monitoring - The relevant institution reserves the right to monitor the research project to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the research permit. Any contraventions of the conditions on the permit would result in the cancellation of the research permit and any costs resulting from such cancellation would be borne by the researcher.

·        Progress reporting – A progress report which shall include short descriptions of investigations and findings will be submitted to the relevant institution at intervals that shall be specified in the research permit.

·        Submission of a Preliminary Report - The researcher must submit a preliminary report (hard and soft copy) to the Ministry which issued the research application permit. If so required the researcher may also be asked to present his/her preliminary findings to a seminar and/ or a paper for local publication.

·        Submission of a Final Report – Researchers are required to deposit their Final Reports as follows: the Ministry which issued the research permit, the National Archives, the University of Botswana Research and Development Office, the Botswana National Library Services (1 copy each), and to the affiliating body in Botswana (2 copies) within two months after the completion of the Final Report.

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