Office of the President (OP)
The State House
The State House

Specific Functions of the State House

•  This is an extension of the Presidents’ Private Offices
•  Management and coordination of the Presidents’ domestic diaries
•  Coordination of the Diplomatic and Protocol services relating to credentials for H.E.
•  Drafting agenda or programme for state occasions hosted at the State House
•  Providing public relations support services at the State House
•  Performing administrative functions i.e. human resource management, financial management, procurement and inventory control, transport management, property management etc.
•  Providing gardening, landscaping and grounds maintenance.
•  Providing household, catering and laundry services as well as general household up-keep.
•  Providing security, protocol and ceremonial services at the State House
•  Receiving State House visitors and taking care of their well-being

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