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Office of the President (OP)
The Permanent Secretary to the President
The Permanent Secretary to the President

Specific functions of the Permanent Secretary to the President under each category are as discussed below;

a) Secretary to Cabinet

As Secretary to Cabinet, the Permanent Secretary to the President is in charge of the Cabinet Office in accordance with such instructions as may be given to him by His Excellency the President for;


•  arranging the busiAness of cabinet
•  keeping the minutes of Cabinet meetings
•  conveying decisions of  the Cabinet and,
•  Performing any other functions as may be assigned by the President from time to time.

b) Permanent Secretary to His Excellency the President

As Permanent Secretary to the President, he is the administrative head of the Office of the President and advisor to His Excellency the President.

c) Head of the Public Service

As the Head of the Public Service, the PSP is vest with the administration of the Public Service in terms of Section 4 of the Public Service Act. In this regard, he performs the following functions;

controls the conduct of the Public Service
provides for the Public Service conditions of service
may at any time, exercise the functions of any other public officer on the superscale grade D1 and above
supervises Permanent Secretaries of other Ministries administratively.

In executing these roles, the PSP is guided by the Public Service Charter which sets out the basic principles for the Public Service to deliver its Mission Statement which reads as follows;
“The Botswana Public Service exists to provide efficient and cost effective service for its customers and stakeholders through the formulation and management of Government policies. The Public service will implement sustainable performance improvement programs; provide essential services that are not otherwise accessible to the public; and create a sustainable and conducive environment for quality service delivery.
The delivery of service will be provided in a caring, transparent, politically neutral, reliable, responsive, proactive and accountable manner and in partnership with all stakeholders.
The Public Service will have a supportive culture that is customer and stakeholder focused; that rewards performance and empowers all. It will be supported and driven by up-to date technology”.
The PSP leads the Public Service to achieve its Vision which reads, “We, the Botswana Public Service, will provide world class service that is efficient, effective, caring and responsive to local and global challenges”.
This Vision has been aligned with Botswana National Vision 2016 and the Millennium Development Goals to create synergy in the delivery of national programmes for sustainable development.                                                                                                                                                        
1.5.1 Government Implementation Coordination Office    (GICO)
(Contact Mrs. Muzila @ 71308618)

1.5.2   Cabinet Office

The major responsibility of Cabinet Office is to provide secretariat services to Cabinet as well as facilitate the linkage between the Legislature and the Executive. The two responsibilities are outlined below;

a) Provision of secretariat services to Cabinet

•  Circulating cabinet memoranda for weekly discussions
•  Providing secretarial service to the Business committee of cabinet which prepares Cabinets’ agenda
•  Recording Cabinet meetings
•  Ensuring maintenance of cabinet standards, protocols and procedures
•  Issuing Presidential directives from Cabinet resolutions
•  Making follow up on cabinet decisions

b) Linkage between the Legislature and the Executive

•  Providing support to the Leader of the House
•  Coordinating and facilitating government business in Parliament
•  Disseminating information on Executive and Legislature procedures and practices
•  Facilitating the signing of instruments by His Excellency the President
•  Promoting relations between the executive and the Legislature
•  Custodian of assented bills
•  Providing advice on the dissolution, prorogation and appointment of sessions of Parliament
•  Analysing and evaluating parliamentary questions, answers and motions, and advise on implications
•  Networking on Parliamentary relations
•  Following up on assurances made by the Executive in Parliament.

1.5.3  Public Service Reforms Unit (PSRU)

The major function of the Public Service Reforms function is to facilitate and oversee the implementation of the reforms process across line ministries in order to improve productivity and service delivery. Specific functions include the following;

Monitoring and Evaluation: facilitating strategic management and delivery, promoting performance management in the Public Service and continuous monitoring and evaluation of public service reforms programmes.
Research and Development: Promoting creativity and innovation, research and policy analysis and knowledge management; development of new programmes and capacity building in Ministries.
Reforms advocacy; Productivity improvement, promotion and sustenance and, development and management of service standards in the Public service.


1.5.4   Permanent Secretary, Office of the President

Permanent Secretary, Office of the President deputises Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP) as Head of the Public Service and Secretary to Cabinet and is the Accounting Officer for Office of the President. His specific functions are as follows;

a) Strategic support to the Permanent Secretary to the President on the following functions;

•  Management of  Appeals and Complaints
•  Management of conditions of service and welfare of the Leadership (Implementation of the Green Book)
•  Promoting linkages with line Ministries

b) Corporate Services functions

The overall responsibility of Corporate Services is to coordinate resources, create conducive environment for service delivery as well as facilitate other Divisions to meet their service mandates. Specific functions of the Division are listed below.

i. Strategy Management (Public Service Reforms Coordinator)

Formulation of Strategic and Annual Plans
Coordination of reforms initiatives
Facilitation of performance reviews

ii. Specialised functions

Legal Services; provision of legal advice to the office and link between the office and Attorney General Chambers.
Internal Audit Services; Liaise with external auditors, including the Auditor General and Public accounts committee; reviewing and appraising the design and operation of the following; all systems and procedures which are intended to control the Ministry’s operations, the adequacy, reliability and integrity of the information systems used to monitor the Ministry’s activities and to ensure accountability, and the degree of compliance with Public Service legislations and regulations.
Corporate Communication; Advertising and Marketing, Media Monitoring, Ministerial Website Maintenance, Complaints Management, Events Management and Publication.

iii. Human Resources Management and Administration

•  Human Resources Management; Training & Development, Personnel Administration, Recruitment, Selection & Placement and Health and Safety (Wellness).
•  Administration; Records Management, Estate Management, Security Services, Transport Services, Messengerial Services and Secretarial Services.
•  Information, Communication and Technology (ICT); ICT Systems Development & Support, Planning and Management of Information Technology, Management of Information Systems and e-government.
•  Ministerial Technical Unit; Coordination and supervision of construction projects and maintenance works for Ministry of State President.
•  Youth Empowerment; Identification, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of youth empowerment strategies and programmes in the Office.

iv. Development, Finance and Procurement

Development Planning; Project Planning, Project Monitoring & Evaluation and Project Financing
Finance; Budgeting, Accounts, Receivables and Payments.
Procurement & Supplies; Office Supplies & Equipments and Materials Management.
MTC Secretariat; Provision of technical advice on tendering procedures and requirements to State President Departments and secretariat services to State President MTC.


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