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Office of the President (OP)
Corporate Services
Corporate Services

The mandate of Corporate Services Division is to coordinate resources and provide administrative and other support services to the Office of the President Divisions and in some cases, to the Independent Departments of the Ministry of State President to enable them to deliver on their mandates. Corporate Services Division was established, basing on the need to centralize all the necessary non-core functions that cut across the whole organisation as well as cluster all related support activities under a single unit for effective coordination and management.

Duties and Functions

Specific functions of Corporate Services Division are to;

Ø  Coordinate the human and financial resources.

Ø  Manage performance of the Office by ensuring development and monitoring of Performance Development Plans (PDPs) and Performance Agreements (PAs) as well as ensure that quarterly reviews of performance are undertaken for individual officers.

Ø  Manage the internal culture of the Office and create conducive environment for corporate excellence and quality delivery of services across the organisation.

Ø  Perform general administration functions for the Office e.g. Events management, cleaning services, secretarial services, records management, transport management and  gardening services etc.

Ø  Manage appeals and complaints from public officers and members of the public.

Ø  Manage Finance and Accounting functions of the Ministry of State President and process payments for goods and services.

Ø  Procure the necessary goods and services for the Office and facilitate disposal of assets for the Ministry of state President according to prescribed guidelines.

Ø  Coordinate the development of both recurrent and development budgets for the Ministry of State President.

Ø  Manage estate (Ministerial housing and others) for the Office in liaison with Ministries and the Department b of Building and Electrical Services (DBES).

Ø  Coordinate and supervise construction projects and maintenance works for Ministry of State President.

Ø  Undertake Internal Audits for the Ministry of State President and advise on internal control

Ø  Provide technical advice and secretariat services to Ministry of State President Tender Committee.

Ø  Manage information for the Office including providing support on information technology services and infrastructure, outsourcing systems development and implementation functions as well as provide training on information technology.

Ø  Provide legal advice to the Office on a day to day basis. 

Ø  Identify, coordinate and implement youth empowerment strategies in the Office.

 Ø  Provide technical and other support services in the areas of human resources, finance and accounts, corporate communication, procurement, legal services, property management, information management, development and recurrent projects, appeals management and youth services etc.

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