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HIV and AIDS Policies
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 1.      The Second Botswana National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS, (2010-2016)


The Second National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS, (NSF II) serves as a roadmap for the national response over the next seven years and makes an important contribution to the successful implementation of the 10th National Development Plan and ultimately Vision 2016. The purpose of NSF II is to outline national priorities for the national response to HIV and AIDS for the period 2010-2016. These priorities are based on evidence accumulated locally and are augmented by international best practices.  In order to maximize the impact over the next seven years, the following priorities must be the focus of the national response;


§  Priority Area 1:            Preventing New Infections

§  Priority Area 2 :           Systems Strengthening

§  Priority Area 3 :           Strategic Information Management

§  Priority Area 4 :  Scaling Up Treatment, Care and Support


2.      The Revised Botswana National Policy on HIV and AIDS


The objective of the National Policy on HIV and AIDS is to:


§  Prevent the spread of HIV infection and reduce the socio-economic impact of this disease.


§  Create a policy environment for the provision of adequate and equitable care and support to those infected and affected with HIV and AIDS.


§  To reduce HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination towards persons infected with or affected by HIV and AIDS and draw attention to the compelling public health rationale for overcoming stigmatization and discrimination against them in society.


§  Promote coordination in order to enhance implementation of the National Response to HIV and AIDS.


§  Provide platform to support legislative and legal reform that recognizes the impact HIV and AIDS has on individual and community rights.


This policy arises from and reflects the current socio-economic and legal situation in which the national response to HIV and AIDS is being undertaken.  It takes cognizance of the fact that due to age, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or disability, some Batswana are more vulnerable to the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS than others.  Thus, while the current situation can often constrain the ability to address certain important issues more comprehensively and effectively, this policy makes a clarion call for new and vigorous dialogue that would alter the situation and ease operational constraints.  Specifically, this policy points to the need to constructively address the discrimination and intolerance surrounding issues of homosexuality and the practice of sex work, as well as promoting gender equality and the legal protection of children, orphans and disabled in society, among others.  Without effecting change in such areas, the possibilities of developing national strategies that specifically target and address these issues, Botswana’s response to HIV and AIDS will have important gaps that will limit our effectiveness in bringing the epidemic under control. 


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