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National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA)
Mandate, Mission, Vision, Values and Specific Objectives of ...

The Role of NACA in Botswana

The overall purpose of the National Coordinating Agency (NACA) is to develop and support partnerships, harmonize, coordinate and facilitate implementation of the national response to HIV and AIDS. NACA has the responsibility to facilitate planning for HIV and AIDS at all levels. This includes formulation and facilitation of national strategies, policies and laws that pertain to HIV and AIDS. Development of the National HIV and AIDS Policy, the National Strategy for BCIC or any other national processes that require the actions and support of all stakeholders is spearheaded by NACA as a core responsibility. The process of mainstreaming HIV and AIDS into ministries, institutions and civil society organizations requires facilitation. NACA takes the responsibility to ensure that HIV and AIDS is mainstreamed in the day-to-day mandates of sectors. The National Strategic Framework (NSF 2003-2009) outlines the roles and responsibilities of NACA and those of other sectors involved in the delivery of the Minimum Internal Package (MIP). The NSF is aligned to the National Development Plan.


The district level thrust is a critical point where both coordination and collaboration by all sectors is highly effective. It is NACA’s responsibility through Ministry of Local Government, to ensure that a decentralized focus of the National Response is maintained. The integration of HIV and AIDS into District Development Plans has been a major step forward. The district actions are harmonized through the District Multi-sectoral AIDS Committees (DMSACs) and the District Development Committees (DDCs).


NACA’s responsibility is also to establish and develop programmes of consistent resource mobilization and capacity building for managing and implementing the National Response.


NACA exists to provide a coordinated HIV and AIDS national response through sustained multi-sectoral parterships to prevent new HIV infections and mitigate the impact of AIDS.


Leading Botswana to an HIV free generation by 2016 and beyond.


Botho, Collaboration, Credibility, Innovation and Responsive.


Specific Objectives of NACA

The specific objectives of the National AIDS Coordinating Agency are to:

•  Coordinate, develop and provide overall HIV and AIDS policy direction for the national response
•  Coordinate and develop the national HIV and AIDS Strategy setting out priority goals to guide planning for all sectors
•  Harmonize national and sectoral plans and programmes and facilitate mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS into national, district, private and civil society strategic plans
•  Develop a national HIV and AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the national response
•  Coordinate the development and implementation of a national research agenda
•  Mobilize and advocate for specific resource inputs, capacity building expertise and strategic partnership development and support for the national response
•  Lead in communication and advocacy for the fight against HIV and AIDS


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