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National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA)
Purpose and Core Functions
Purpose and Core Functions

The overall purpose of the National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA) is to develop and support partnerships, harmonize, coordinate and facilitate implementation of the national response to HIV and ADS. The national response is guided by the National Policy on HIV AIDS which is aligned to the National Development Plan

In order to achieve the above stated objectives, the National AIDS Coordinating Agency undertakes the following four functions:

1. Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
2. Programme Planning, Coordination and Support
3. Education, Communication and Advocacy
4. Corporate Services/Ministry Management 
 Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Develop a national HIV and AIDS M & E framework defining the structure of the M & E system, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the national response;
2. Develop and implement a national HIV and AIDS M & E Plan with clear indicators, data sources, reporting intervals and data flows for tracking the national response;
3. Coordinate and implement a national research agenda and promote evidence based planning and allocation of resources;
4. Develop appropriate information management systems/database
5. Monitor and evaluate the response and provide regular feedback to meet national, regional and international commitments;
6. Develop the National HIV and AIDS Policy, and facilitate policy analysis and review;
7. Coordinate development of M & E capacity and related resource inputs;
 Programme Planning, Coordination and Support

1. Coordinate and develop the National Operational plan based on the National Strategic Framework and agreed response priorities;
2. Ensure effective planning and implementation of HIV and AIDS programmes by all sectors in the national response;
3. Forecast resource requirements for the national response and develop a financial mobilization strategy;
4. Mobilize, allocate, disburse and monitor the utilization of resources for HIV and AIDS programmes. Develop mechanisms for ensuring accountability for funds disbursed;
5. Develop resource flow tracking systems to guide strategic programme development and resource allocation;
6. Develop and support strategic partnerships with Civil Society, Private Sector, Public Sector and Development Partners for an effective national response.
7. Develop operational guidelines to facilitate coordination at various levels of the national response;
8. Monitor implementation of the National Operational Plan and make adjustments as necessary;
9. Coordinate development of implementing Partners’ capacity in budgeting, planning, project/programme management and related areas; 
 Education, Communication and Advocacy

1. Develop comprehensive communication and advocacy strategies for the national Response;
2. Disseminate information on the status of the epidemic, emerging trends, national programmes, policies and strategies, challenges and areas of success to all stakeholders;
3. Coordinate public education (including social marketing and communication mobilization) to facilitate prevention of HIV infection;
4. Develop mechanisms for advocacy at all levels of the response;
5. Ensure consistent and effective communication on all aspects of the HIV and AIDS response by all Implementing Partners;
6. Provide guidance and lead the process of mainstreaming HIV and. ADS in sectoral strategic plans;
7. Coordinate development of Implementing Partners’ capacity in behavioural change communication and strategic communication. 

 Corporate Services/Departmental Management

 1. Implement human resource management policies, rules and regulations with regard to recruitment and selection, staff development, staff welfare, industrial relations and conditions of service;
2. Provide a wide range of administrative and related support services in areas of departmental materials management, records, transport, messengerial and secretarial services;
3. Provide finance and accounts support services in the fields of budgetary management and control, accounting and finance administration;
4. Maintain the departmental management information system in the aspect of the Department’s information systems development, planning and management of HIV and AIDS related information and technology and maintenance, procurement of computer equipment and relevant software;
5. Provide an efficient and effective public relations service in the form of publicity and press issues, coordination of parliamentary responses and organizing and securing all aspects and levels of national and departmental conferences, symposia, workshops and important meetings; and
6. Provide leadership, introduction and maintenance of performance improvement initiatives for the Department.



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