Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC)
Code Principles

In summary, the government requires its employees to:

·         Be equitable in their treatment of all tenderers for the supply of goods and the services;

·         Seek to minimize the cost to suppliers of participation in the purchasing process

·         Protect the commercial-in-confidence information and intellectual property;

·         Deal honestly with suppliers and be timely in paying accounts;

·         Meet public interest and accountability standards;

·         Avoid situations where the private interests conflict with public duty;

·         Abstain from soliciting or accepting remuneration or other benefits from supplier for the neglect or discharge of official duties;

·         Respond promptly to reasonable requests for advice and information; and

·         Promote fair and open competition and seek value for money for the taxpayer.

·         These requirements are contained within several administrative documents and statutory provisions, including the corruption and economic crime Act.

·         The government likewise expects it’s the consultants, contractors, suppliers and their agents alike to respect the obligations placed on government personnel to abide by government policy, and similarly to undertake to:

·         Adopt equitable employment practices;

·         Abstain form collusive practices

·         Disclose beneficial interests in contracts wherever appropriate;

·         Prevent the unauthorized the release of privileged information, including commercial-in-confidence and security classified information;

·         Refrain from offering organizations and individuals financial or other inducements in order to gain unfair advantage dealings;

·         Develop, promote and apply employment guidelines no less stringent than those applicable to government employees when engaged in government work; and

·         Observe the government's post – separation employment guidelines.

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