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Botswana Police Service
Police Clearance Certificate (Vehicles)

An official document prepared by the Police after vetting of vehicles



How can I obtain the service?

Bring the following to designated Police Stations:

Ø  Vehicle to be cleared

Ø  Original documents pertaining to the vehicle plus two copies

Ø  National Identity Card or passport


For new vehicles bring one of the following documents:

Ø  Invoice        

Ø  Invoice and SARPCCO clearance certificate (SARPCCO Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Coordination Organisation)


Ø  Invoice and SARPCCO clearance certificate and Registration Book


Ø  Invoice and Registration Book


For used Motor Vehicles bring the following documents:


SARPCCO Countries


Ø  Registration Book and SARPCCO clearance certificate (Foreigners)

Ø  Invoice, SARPCCO clearance certificate, Registration Book (Batswana and Temporary residents)




Ø  SARPCCO Clearance Certificate is valid for three months. After the expiry date a new certificate has to be requested from the originating country by the applicant.


Non SARPCCO Countries


Ø  Invoice

Ø  Bill of lading (Imports. e.g. Japan, Singapore etc)


Can I apply for the service online



Service is currently unavailable online




Costs involved in obtaining the service.

Currently the service is free.


Where can I find the service?


The service can be obtained from the following Police Stations:



Serious Crime Squad

P.O. Box 1082


Tel:    (+267) 3956999/3952531/3911892


Woodhall Police Station

P.O. Box 89


Tel:    (+267) 5333012


Serowe Police Station

 P.O. Box 255


 Tel:   (+267) 4630222



Mahalapye Police Station

P.O. Box 31


Tel:    (+267) 4710222


Selebi Phikwe Police Station

P.O. Box 15

Selebi Phikwe

Tel:    (+267) 2610301


Criminal Investigation Department (North)

P.O. Box 91


Tel:    (+267) 2423000


Maun Police Station

P. O. Box 7


Tel:    (+267) 6860034


Kasane Police Station

P. O. Box 1


Tel:    (+267) 6250326


Gantsi Police Station

P. O. Box 26


Tel:    (+267) 6596222


Tsabong Police Station

P. O. Box 3


Tel:    (+267) 6540423



Business Hours


Monday to Friday

0730 hours – 1245 hours  

1345 hours – 1630 hours


The service is not available during weekends and public holidays.


Where can I find more information?

Contact:Officer Commanding

Serious Crime Squad

           P.O. Box 1082, Gaborone.



Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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