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Botswana Police youth have been called to come up with initiatives that will address issues of concern to the police such as; the escalating crime, road accidents fatalities, and corrupt practices as well as deteriorating moral values.

Speaking at the first Botswana Police Service Youth ‘Pitso’ held at Oasis this morning (07/09/2011), the Commissioner of Police Mr Thebeyame Tsimako implored participants to be vigilant and guard themselves against acts that will tarnish their integrity and that of the organization.

He explained that Botswana Police Service like other government departments established the youth office in 2008 to answer to the government decision to introduce youth offices in the Public Service.

The Commissioner said the purpose of the office is to provide the youth with the platform to improve service delivery of their departments as well as develop relevant policies that will address their interests.

Mr Tsimako encouraged participants to draw implementable projects that will take the organization to the next level in its quest for excellence.

The Commissioner warned participants to guard themselves against the many challenges faced by the youth of today such as drug abuse which may lead to destructive behaviours. He urged them to make informed decisions that will enhance their productivity and develop the organization as well as the country.

On a closing note, Mr Ikwatlhaeng Bagopi, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Support Services) advised participants to learn to live within their means and avoid unnecessary debts. He said it was disorderly for police officers to be engaged in criminal activities instead of protecting the public from the criminals.

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