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Botswana Police Service
Police employs volunteers
Police volunteers

2 February 2010


The Botswana Police Service is in the process of employing Youth Volunteers who will support the cluster committees in dealing with crime, particularly violent and intrusive crime across the country. The Youth Volunteer Programme is a government initiative to fight against crime through organized neighborhood watch groups. The programme targets unemployed youth aged from 18 to 29 years.


The programme is expected to enhance the effectiveness of the police community partnership. The clusters will have a resource to assist these volunteers achieve crime prevention targets. With this programme, the number of out of school youth is expected to decline as many of them continue to engage in community policing activities.


Guidelines on employment of Volunteers


     Aims and Objectives of this Initiative


             I.        To involve the youth in the fight against crime.

           II.       Acknowledging that an idle mind is a dangerous mind and keep volunteer youth occupied with this programme.

         III.        Employment Creation Avenue.

         IV.      To enhance partnership efforts between the youth and the Botswana Police Service.

           V.        To create awareness and strengthen campaign activities of crime prevention as a shared responsibility with the spirit of togetherness in the fight against crime and social ills.


Training/ Induction of Volunteers


Volunteers shall be trained locally by Station Commanders on activities they are required to undertake, including –

i)           Their powers of arrest as private citizens under Sections 31, 32 and 34 of Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act – Cap 08:02

ii)            Beat and patrol duties.

iii)          Use of Police Radio

iv)          Use of force in arresting offenders.

v)            Their responsibilities, roles and expected code of conduct.


  Employment/ Membership Criteria


A volunteer shall on recruitment undergo requisite vetting. It is therefore imperative that the volunteer should meet the following standards –


i)             Be a Citizen of Botswana in possession of a valid Omang.

ii)            Residing within the community where he/she wishes to volunteer.

iii)          Be an unemployed youth aged between 18 and 29 years.

iv)          Be physically fit.

v)            Be passionate for volunteer work.

vi)          Be exemplary in character – have no criminal record.

vii)        Be identified and vetted fit and proper by the local community.

viii)        Be able to read and write (Holders of STD 7, Forms 2, 3 or 5 Certificate).



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