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Botswana Police Service

16 February 2010


The Botswana National Central Bureau – Interpol is advising Internet users to be vigilant of an Internet circulating scam in the form of National Conference invitation via an e-mail, indicating that the Global World Conference for Human Rights will be held from 10th to 12th March 2010 in Washington, USA.


The author, a certain Theresa Harris claiming to be working with World Organisations for Human rights sends numerous e-mails to various undisclosed recipients, inviting them to attend the Conference. The recipients are asked to contact the Conference secretariat for all visa arrangements and travel assistance.  It has been realized that people continue to send money to enable them to attend the “Conference” without first establishing the authenticity of such an e-mail and in the process being swindled of their money.


It has also been noticed that there are no official Letter Heads with all the addresses and full particulars of contact persons. The Organisations and the public are therefore urged to be cautious when dealing with matters of this nature especially where invitations are not done in a transparent manner.


Meanwhile, Interpol has also discovered yet another type of scam whereby criminals unlawfully take control of individuals’ e-mail (e-mail highjacking) and start sending messages to the contact list in the address book. During the e-mail take over, the subscriber would be denied access to his/her e-mail. The message which appears may indicate that the e-mail is experiencing technical problems and that it will be fixed. The affected e-mail websites are yahoo and hotmail.


The messages are written as if they are from the owners of the e-mail addresses, asking for urgent financial help. Some of the reasons advanced are that he/she had lost the entire luggage and other important documents, hence ask for money to cover traveling expenses and that the money would be reimbursed upon arrival home. These deceivers usually claim to be stranded far from home.


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