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Botswana Police Service
The public is reminded that it is a criminal offence to obstruct police officers in the execution their duty, resisting arrest or assaulting police officers on duty. This reminder follows an increasing number of incidents where members of the public obstructed officers on duty and resisted lawful arrests, in some instances assaulting police officers and damaging police vehicles in the process. In one incident that occurred last week a police vehicle was damaged by a group of people in Gaborone West Phase Two. The police were responding to a report of noise and nuisance when a crowd that was gathered at a certain house attacked them. Similar incidents have been reported at Tlokweng, Broadhurst and Maun. The public is urged to refrain from obstructing police officers and to continue cooperating with them in the fight against crime. Batswana are known to be law-abiding citizens with respect for the rule law and therefore the police look upon them for collaboration in the fight against crime. Those who are inclined to obstructing or resorting to any form of violence against the police are warned that the police are empowered by law to use the necessary force to effect a lawful arrest. Therefore they should be warned that the police will not hesitate to use these power vested upon the by the law.
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