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Botswana Police Service

Thirty people have died in 28 fatal road traffic accidents since the beginning of the festive season police operations from 17th December 2010 to 4th January 2011 compared to 30 who died the previous festive season.


A total of 133 and 234 people suffered serious and minor injuries respectively compared to 98 and 226 registered during the same period in the 2009/2010 festive seasons.


During the current season, road traffic violations included 3191 overspeeding, 971 driving without driving licences, 422 careless driving and 224 cases of driving under the influence of intoxicating drinks or drugs. 


In the previous season the police booked 3323 motorists for overspeeding, 955 for driving without driving licences, 549 for careless driving and 114 for driving under the influence of intoxicating drinks or drugs. 


Meanwhile, the police recorded few road accidents along the A1 highway. There were only eight road accidents that occurred along the A1 highway and two of them were fatal.


The Police also recorded 84 armed robberies; 532 house break-ins; 145 store breaking and theft; 10 murder, 112 rape and 12 suicide cases during the festive season.  The police also arrested 7 suspects for armed robbery, 9 suspects for murder and 22 suspects for rape cases.  During the 2009/2010 festive season the police clocked 49 armed robberies, 585 house break-ins, 223 store breaking and theft, 21 murders, 99 rape and 8 suicide cases.


Generally the 2010/2011 festive season was a peaceful one without serious disturbing incidents. The police would like to thank members of the public for their cooperation during police operations.


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