Botswana Police Service
Weekly Crime Reports
The police have arrested and charged 94 motorists for driving motor vehicles whilst unfit to do so due to alcohol or drugs in an operation that was conducted in the South Central Division last week (28 th – 30 th May 2010). Out of a total 603 motorists who were tedted, 271 of them were found to have taken alcohol but below the prescribed limit, while 238 did not show any signs of having taken alcohol beverages. Three motorists refused to provide breath or blood specimen when they were asked to do so. Police statistics for the week under review indicate that a total of 116 motorists were charged for driving under the influence of alcohol countrywide. The police also arrested and charged 89 people for driving without driving licences, 17 for failure to wear seat belts and 191 for general defects detected on their motor vehicles. Police investigations reveal that drink driving continues to be a significantly contributor to road accidents in the country. The police would like to once again appeal to motorists to refrain from taking alcohol beverages or drugs when driving to reduce carnage on the roads.
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