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Botswana Police Service
The Concept of crime prevention

The concept of crime prevention is a philosophy based upon the belief that crime rates can be reduced by the actions of a dedicated, informed and a united community.
In Botswana the idea began well around 1984 when the then Botswana Police Force recognized that measures to reduce crime and the resultant fear thereof could not be left to the police and the criminal justice system only.

A broader crime prevention strategy had to be developed involving the entire community.
This resulted with the formation of crime prevention committees mainly to close the gap between the police and the public, particularly on information sharing.
The concept was considered a noble idea and in 1995 a National Crime Prevention Coordinating Unit was established under the Criminal Investigations Department to coordinate crime prevention initiatives throughout the country.
The mandate of the Unit as reflected in the terms of reference ranges from co-ordination,
internal awareness, monitoring and evaluation of crime prevention activities, crime
audit, public education, advice senior management on crime prevention policy matters
to generally promoting active participation by the community on crime prevention initiatives.
A number of crime prevention initiatives were introduced as soon as the Unit became
The creation of the Botswana Police Service Vision was one of the greatest
transitions ever towards the realization of the Botswana’s Long Term Vision, Vision 2016.
The Botswana Police Force became the Botswana Police Service, Charge Offices were
re-named Community Service Centres and many other developments followed.

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