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Botswana Police Service
Special Support Group
Music (Band Services)



Botswana Police Service provides a diversity of music services at a fee. The music is provided by the following groups based at the Special Support Group:

a.      Military Band

b.      Dance Band

c.      Traditional Dance Troup

How can I obtain the band services?


a.      Make a written application to:-

The Commander

Special Support Group

P.O. Box 40116

Maruapula, Location



Tel:    (+267) 3957272

Fax:    (+267) 3903305


Cost involved in obtaining the service


1.          Dinner Dance                             P2500.00 per 5hrs

2.          Extra entertainment hours           P500.00 per hour

3.          Reception                                  P2000.00 per 5hrs

4.          Extra entertainment hours           P500.00 per hour

5.          Fund Raising                              50% of the gate takings

6.          Traditional Dance Troupe            P1500.00 per 5hrs

7.          Extra entertainment hours           P400.00 per hour


Where can I obtain more information?



           The Director of Music

                      Special Support Group

                      P.O. Box 40116

                      Maruapula, Location


   Tel:           (+267) 3957272 Ext.4240

   Fax:          (+267) 3903305

   E-Mail address: mnkaki@gov.bw


Roles of the Special Support Group

Diversification of the role of the Special Support Group

Current Situation

The SSG is paramilitary wing primarily concerned with policing public situations. However, with the current policing demands, the SSG continues to provide support to stations in some parts of the country. They are deployed along borders to combat cross border crime including stock theft, which has been a menace over years. The role of SSG has been deployed and diversified to include the following sections; Dog, Scuba Diving, Mounted, Surveillance Teams, Crime Investigation and many others.

As the sophistication in crime increases, we intend to diversify the role of SSG further in order to increase their capacity in dealing with crime, which is our core business. They will effectively carry out other varying police duties.  The Police service is intend to include tracker dogs, effect Mounted Section to assist in patrols, co-ordinate Surveillance Teams and provide training on the diversified roles like scene attendance and management.

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