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Botswana Police Service
Vision, Mission, Values
Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision:

To be a law enforcement agency of repute.


“Law enforcement agency of repute”  emphasises an envisioned Botswana Police Service of good standing. First and foremost it will be an organisation that associates itself with good performance. In the end it is envisioned a Police service that is of a standard free from any unethical behaviour.  This defines the Botswana Police Service as a dignified police service worthy of honour and that treats its customers with due respect. The pride of the organisation will be in its relations with all members of the community.


Our Mission:

To provide a professional policing service, in partnership with the community. 

“Providing a professional policing service”  This is a pronouncement that appreciates that the organisation is in the business of policing in all its aspects. It also acknowledges the manner in which the organisation will evolve as it provides policing. A professional policing service pledges a service characterised by a high level of skill, competence, speed and attention to any emerging policing challenges.


“In partnership with the community”  emphasises the fact that community participation is essential to the prevention and detection of crime.  We want to forge meaningful partnerships with the community.


Our Values

• Botho -             Police Officers will deliver a service which is characterized by humility, dignity, courtesy and respect for customers regardless of their status in life. It will be a service that resonates with a compassionate approach where officers are empathetic, kind and considerate.


• Excellence -      Police Officers will always be diligent and persistent in applying their work and display knowledge of the product that they offer. In this way they will produce an acceptable level of accuracy on all services provided to the customer.


• Integrity -          In the process of providing services, police officers, will desist from a normative inclination to abuse the rights and privileges of their occupation. It is expected that they will display ethical behavior that appreciates the need for confidentiality, respect for human rights and not succumb to corrupt practices.


• Team work -      Police Officers will recognize the need to act as a team characterized by consultation, collective responsibility and support for each other. In this regard they would be encouraged to be willing team players.



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