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Crime Prevention - Long Term

Maximizing the community participation in crime prevention to combat the proliferation of handguns for safer communities by 2016.


The levels of crime involving the use of illegal handguns pose serious concern to the government and the community at large. This is indeed a challenge to all law enforcement agencies to further examine and fully coordinate their operational endeavors to address the illegal possession of hand guns in the country. The key challenge is the ease with which potential criminals can acquire these prohibited weapons.

Crime trends and statistics in Botswana reveal that illegal handguns (revolvers, pistols and AK 47) play a major role in perpetuating violent and intrusive crime on chain stores, shops, security companies conveying money, motor vehicle owners, residential homes, government offices etc. Though there are a few incidences that involve legally registered firearms due to lack of prudence in the management of arms in the possession of private owners, these are the primary tools that exacerbate violence related crime, especially armed robberies.

The Challenge

The big challenge lies on how to redress the proliferation and the escalation of violent and intrusive crime to enable Botswana to pursue their daily lives in peace and safety; free from undue fear of crime and violence. It is imperative for all crime prevention role players to strive to create a society in which the fundamental rights of the individual are effectively protected with the support and cooperation of fellow citizens. We have a challenge both as law enforcement agencies and the community at large to ensure that Botswana attracts the confidence of investors and interest of tourists. It is a challenge to all of us as we are striving to implement decisions of the task group on the national strategic vision to ensure commitment for safer communities; that all serious and violent crime and the illegal possession of firearms will be eliminated by 2016 (presidential task group 1997).

Integrated effort

Our aspirations for a safe and secure nation by 2016 can only be accomplished through an integrated effort of all peace loving citizens of this country meaning departments, NGO’s, private sector and the community at large and thus combating illegal handguns menace through community policing is the convenient and sustainable solution.


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