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Botswana Police Service
Botswana Police College
Vision, Mission and Values

The Botswana Police College is committed to lead in recruitment, selection, provision of high quality Law Enforcement education, training, development, consultancy and research compatible to national and international standards with  a view to create a safe and secure Botswana.

We exist to provide Law enforcement employees of high caliber, through quality education, training, development, consultancy and research with a view to provide quality service.

The Values of the Botswana Police College
We, the members of the Botswana Police college, will strive to achieve our Vision and Mission Statement by:

Human Resource
Recognizing that our strength lies in skilled, well trained, motivated and developed officers who enjoy equal opportunities and proper deployment.

Customer Focus
Recognizing that the public are our customers and the focus of everything we do by being courteous, caring, compassionate, responsive, tolerant and empathetic.

Team Work
Recognizing that we need to act as a team characterized by consultation, collective effort, trust, understanding, support, hard work, perseverance and respect irrespective of rank or gender.

Always act within the realms of the law with integrity, compassion, transparency and without ill-will to anyone.

Not disclosing confidential information unless bound by a duty to do so.

Serve members of the public irrespective of their age, gender, colour, disability, political affiliation or religious beliefs, ethnic or social background, and without fear or favour.


Respect for Human Rights
Respecting, protecting and upholding the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

Applying persuasion, tact, discretion, common-sense and only using an appropriate level of force when necessary to discharge a lawful duty.


 Subjects offered for Pre-Service Trainees

  • Criminal Law (Penal Code)
  • Criminal Procedure & Evidence
  • Police Duties and Procedures
  • Human Rights
  • Communication and Study Skills
  • Community Policing
  • Physical Education and First Aid.
  • Computer Awareness
  • Drill
  • Civil Defence (Special Support Group)
  • Research Project
  • Criminology

Duration of training   52 weeks

The training is divided into classroom based for 9 months; 2 months station practical attachments and 1-month civil defence.




  • Citizen of Botswana
  • Aged between 18 - 30 years.
  • Having passed BGCSE with a Credit in English Language and minimum overall of 30 points
  • Having good character
  • Without any criminal record
  • Physically and mentally fit (confirmed by a Government Medical Doctor)


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