Botswana Defence Force (BDF)
Basic Military training
Basic Military training

Basic military training is done at Pandamatenga Training Camp for Privates Paje Officer Academy for Officer Cadets. During Basic Military Training, trainees can be taken to other parts of the country to perform military tasks.
In some cases, some Officer Cadets are sent to overseas institutions for basic military training.

Discipline and integrity are emphasized as the core values of training. Any breach of these results in one being disqualified from training. Upon completion of basic military training, graduates are posted to various units within the BDF for specialization. There are combat and non-combat units some of which are technically inclined. On-the-job training continues at individual Units. Training never ends, hence the saying “If you sweat more during peace-times you will bleed less during time of war”.

Training - Animal Training personnel
Force Training Establishment personnel were trained on behavioural characteristics of wild animals and are currently the custodians of these animals. At present, the park has a significant manpower of 29 qualified animal handlers.

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