Botswana Defence Force (BDF)
Aid to Civil Authority
Aid to Civil Authority

BDF has over the years contributed to national security by supporting other government structures. The Defence Force has previously participated in disaster management activities which saw the deployment of soldiers during Sowa floods in 1996. BDF members and equipment were deployed in 'Operation Save Sua' to save the berm wall of Botswana Ash (Botash) plant, which was threatened by floods. BDF soldiers laid 90,000 sandbags and 12,000 tyres to erect sandbags walls to prevent flooding of the Sowa mine. In February 2006 floods that hit Ramotswa and its surrounding areas, BDF teams carried out relentless rescue missions and saved hundred of lives.

The military was also used to control the spread of cattle lung disease in the northern part of the country in support of Ministry of Agriculture. On the other hand, since 1987 BDF have been conducting counter poaching operations to protect the nation’s favourable wildlife and fauna in support of the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism. Lately, the Defence Force has joined the police in crime prevention and law enforcement and in addition our units are deployed in Operation SAVE BEEF against the threat of foot and mouth disease which if unchecked will destroy the beef industry.

All these activities are performed to protect our vital interests since our economic pillars and peace that this country has enjoyed risked being undermined.

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