Botswana Defence Force (BDF)
The BDF Flag
The BDF Flag

•  The upper green band represents the traditional military green uniform.
•  The lower green band represents the bush environment that soldiers are expected to operate in.
•  The red band represents the blood of members of the BDF that have been, and would be shed and sacrificed in the defence of this nation.
•  The two white stripes represent peace. The significance of them being on either side of the red band is to indicate the effort of the BDF that will be channelised in containing and preventing bloodshed through deterrence.
•  The width and direction of all colour bands and stripes is duplication of the Botswana National Flag for that pur¬pose.
•  The coat of arms of the BDF occupies a place in the centre of the flag. The inner circle with the letters BDF written upon represents the entire nation, the people, infrastruc¬ture, and the country. The lettering BDF – represents the organisation’s commitment to defend this nation.
•  The outer ring with the motto, “Thebe ya Sechaba,” written represents the shield that the BDF casts around the nation for its protection.
•  The crossed swords represent all types of weapons used to defend the nation.
•  The national coat of arms that sits on the top of the outer ring represents the authority of the Constitution and the Government over the functions of the BDF.

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