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Ministry of Health (MOH)
National Blood transfusion Service (NBTS)


Blood donation is an opportunity to give blood and save a life. Blood Transfusion services collects, tests and distributes blood and blood products to all hospitals to be used in therapy.


2. How do I play a role?


Visit the blood donation clinics in Gaborone (Main Mall) and in Francistown (Barclays Plaza) to donate blood or acquire information on blood donation and transfusion



3. Vital information that i need to know


·        Healthy people between 16 & 65 years and weighing at least 50kg can donate blood.

·        All blood collected in Botswana is from volunteer non-remunerated (unpaid) blood donors.

·        Botswana needs about 40 000 units of blood per year.

·        Currently NBTS collects about 22 000 units of blood

·        There are currently about 8 000 ‘donors’ who have donated in the last two years.

·        Just 1% of people donate blood annually but over 80% may need blood at some time.

·        A male donor is able to donate up to 4 times per year.(i.e. after every 3 months)

·        A female blood donor is able to donate up to 3 times per year. (i.e. after every 4 months).

·        Every blood donation is tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Syphilis.


4. Cost Inolved in obtaining the service


There is no cost associated with giving blood, but the government bears all the costs associated with blood transfusion in the country.


5. Where can i get more information


For more information, call : 


 Francistown- 2402234/2402230  

Gaborone- 3686700/3901134

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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