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Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agriculture Developm...

 Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agriculture Development (ISPAAD)

Rainfed and Horticulture


Service Description


ISPAAD is one of the main Agricultural Support Schemes introduced in 2008 to address challenges in the arable sub-sector, of poor technology adoption by farmers and low productivity of the sub-sector.




  • Increase production
  • Promote food security at household and national levels
  • Commercialize agriculture through mechanization
  • Facilitate access to farm inputs and credit
  • Improve extension outreach

 Project components:


  • Cluster Fencing
  • Provision of Potable Water
  • Provision of Seeds
  • Provision of Fertilizers
  • Facilitation of access to Credit
  • Establishment of Agricultural Service Centres.
  • Draught Power Provision. Form (ISPAAD Practical Completion Certificate)

Horticulture Enterprise Support Programme (Production Inputs Support and Farm Equipment). (ISPAAD Horticultural Application Form)


Basic Requirements for all Applicants

  • Farmers should register with the Department of Crop Production Extension Officer in their area.
  •  Applicants aged 18 years and above with Omang ID or residence work permits.
  • Must have proof of land accessibility (dully allocated or leased).

Cost Involved in obtaining service


No application fee is required when completing the forms.


Where can I get more information?


 new ISPAAD guidelines

See ISPAAD Guidelines


Postal Address:                                           Physical Address

ISPAAD Coordinator                                        Ministry of Agriculture HQ

Department of Crop Production                        Plot 4701 Mmaraka Road

Private Bag 00435                                           ISPAAD Office

Gaborone                                                        2nd Floor, Office No. 231

Botswana                                                        Gaborone

Tel: (267) 3689447

E-mail: dcp@gov.bw                              



Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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