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Plants Permits, Registration, Licenses and Certificate Servi...

Service Description

Issuance of permits allows the customer to import agrochemicals and plant products into the country. Registration allows the client to register for use of plant products in Botswana. A licence enables the customer to sell, distribute and use agrochemicals. Phytosanitary certificates enable the customer to export plants and plants by-products.


How Do I Obtain The Service


Contact the nearest Agricultural Office where Plant Protection Officer will render the necessary help. 



How Do I Apply For The Service?


Same as above.



Cost Involved In Obtaining Service

  • Temporary Permit for Agrochemicals is P100.00.
  • Registration is P500.00 per product.
  • License P200.00.


Where Can I get More Information?


Postal Address:                                              Physical Address:

Chief Plant Protection Officer                        Content Farm

Department of Crop Production                    Sebele

Private Bag 0091                                          Next to Veterinary Laboratory


Telephone: 3928745/6            

Email: tmoruti@gov.bw or lsebetwane@gov.bw

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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