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Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agriculture Developm...


ISPAAD - Rainfed and Horticulture


Service Description


ISPAAD is one of the main Agricultural Support Schemes introduced in 2008 to address challenges in the arable sub-sector, of poor technology adoption by farmers and low productivity of the sub-sector.




  • Increase production
  • Promote food security at household and national levels
  • Commercialize agriculture through mechanization
  • Facilitate access to farm inputs and credit
  • Improve extension outreach

 Programme components:

  • Cluster Fencing
  • Provision of Potable Water
  • Provision of Seeds
  • Provision of Fertilizers
  • Facilitation of access to Credit
  • Establishment of Agricultural Service Centres.
  • Draught Power Provision. Form (ISPAAD Practical Completion Certificate)
  • Horticulture Enterprise Support Programme (Production Inputs Support and Farm Equipment). (ISPAAD Horticultural Application Form)

How do I obtain the service?


Application Forms are available at the nearest District Crop Production Offices in their Extension areas.


Basic Requirements for all Applicants

    • Farmers should register with the Department of Crop Production Extension Officer in their area.
    • Applicants aged 18 years and above with Omang ID or residence work permits.
    •  Must have proof of land accessibility (dully allocated or leased).

Cost Involved in obtaining service


No application fee is required when completing the forms.


Where can I get more information?


See ISPAAD Guidelines.


Postal Address:                                                  Physical Address

ISPAAD Coordinator                                               Ministry of Agriculture HQ

Department of Crop Production                               Plot 4701 Maraka Road

Private Bag 00435                                                  ISPAAD Office

Gaborone                                                              2nd Floor, Office No. 231

Botswana                                                              Gaborone

Tel: (267) 3689305

E-mail: dcp@gov.bw                             



Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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