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Import of products for Own Consumption (South Africa and Nam...
Import of products for Own Consumption (South Africa and Namibia)


1.0  Import/export of products for personal consumption

There are standing bilateral agreements between the veterinary services of Botswana and South Africa and between Botswana and Namibia that allow for travelers moving across the three countries to carry with them limited amounts of animal products as part of personal luggage without the need for an import/export permit and intended for their personal use. Such products may not be sold or disposed of in any way other than by own consumption / use.

Please find below the products and quantities allowed into Botswana without a South African or Namibian veterinary export certificate provided they originate from FMD free areas of the respective countries:


Product/ Commodity

Quantity Allowed

(per passenger vehicle)

  • Raw or frozen meat and meat from domesticated species (e.g. beef, mutton, poultry and fish)
 Up to 25 kg
  • Other processed meats (canned, cooked, polony, brawn, pies etc)

Up to 25 kg with RSA and up to 10 kg with Namibia

  • Biltong (excluding game biltong)

Up to 10 kg and break dry

  • Dairy products (Long Life/UHT, Cheese)
Up to 10 kg or litres of dairy products
  • Table Eggs
Up to 2½ dozens


Pork, venison and meat from wild pigs require application for veterinary import permit regardless of the quantity. All animal products from Namibia are NOT allowed into Botswana through Ngoma border without a permit regardless of the quantity. All quantities exceeding the stipulated will require a Botswana veterinary import permit and a Namibian or South African veterinary export health certificate.

 2.0 Importation of Inedible Animal Products for Own Use (FMD free Areas)

The following products may be imported for own use from Namibia and South Africa without a Botswana veterinary import permit. Products must however be accompanied by a valid Namibian or South African veterinary export health certificate. A judgement has to be made whether the inedible items are for own use or for commercial purposes.

  • Mats made from fully processed animal skins
  • Curios containing hides & skins, and trophies
  • Drums covered with dry raw unprocessed skin
  • Leather whips

Other products not listed may not be exported to Botswana from Namibia or South Africa for own use without a valid Botswana veterinary import permit and a corresponding export health certificate from originating country.

 3.0 Products that have ceased to require permits/ certificates

The following products do not require a Botswana veterinary import and export health certificate of originating country in the case of South Africa and or Namibia.  Products identified solely for human consumption and not intended for livestock feeding may require other permits from other authorities involved with food safety.

  • Ready to eat meat based meals e.g. microwave foods
  • Frozen/ dried fish
  • Ultra High Temperature Treated (UHT) milk
  • Cheeses, butter, yoghurt
  • Commercial pet food
  • Feed grade salt, urea. limestone for livestock feed production
  • Grains/ seeds for fowl feed.

4.0 Imports from Zimbabwe and Zambia

All cloven hooved animals and cloven hooved animal products regardless of quantity from Zimbabwe,Zambia and Caprivi Strip are prohibited from entering Botswana.

All animals and animal products require a Botswana Veterinary Import Permit and health certificate from the exporting Country.

 Where can I get more information?

Since disease situation changes over time, importers are advised to check with the Department of Veterinary Services Permits Office Tel: 368 9510) before making arrangements to bring animal products into the country.  Animal products which are brought into Botswana without the necessary veterinary documents will be confiscated and destroyed without compensation, and offenders may be liable for prosecution. The Director does not accept any responsibility for the safety of products imported for own consumption.


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