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Range Management and Fodder Production
The Range Management Section

The Range Management Section encourages farmers to grow pasture and fodder crops to supplement livestock feeds from rangeland pastures, promote controlled grazing, and encourage better management of both the range and livestock to ensure increased productivity and sustainability through fencing. The Section is responsible for extension management of range and beef production systems. Beef cattle (and small stock) production entirely depends on rangeland pastures.  About 80% of our cattle are produced in extensive communal/traditional grazing systems, and the reminder in commercial freehold and leasehold farms.  Ranchers have exclusive rights over the use of rangeland resources and are able to practice improved and better management of both livestock and range resources

Promotion of fodder Production

There are 11 demonstration plots countrywide which are used to demonstrate and test forage species as well as produce seedlings for sale to the farmers to produce their own fodder. Atripplex seedlings are sold at P 0.40 per seedling. Annual average fodder production ranges from 2.5 to 3.0 tons/ha.


Promotion of efficient utilization of rangeland resources

A total of 710 ranches have been demarcated countrywide under the Fencing Component of the New Agricultural Policy and 357 have been allocated. Only 207 have been developed so far.

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