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Livestock Vaccination Campaigns

The Department of Veterinary Services offers  free vaccinations to the farming community's animals for diseases which are of either economic significance to people's livelihoods or those that maybe of zoonotic importance(communicable to man from animals).The vaccinations are coordinated by the Director's office through Field Extension Services Division. Vaccinations for the following diseases are offered free; 

1.Anthrax -Cattle

2.Quater evil-Cattle

3.Contagious abortion-Cattle

4.Rabies-Dogs & Cats

5.Foot and Mouth Disease-Cattle(As per OIE designation in Disease Control Zones)Disease Control Zones Map 

Phase 1 Ngamiland FMD Vaccination Schedule Zone 2(a,b & c) 10th August -16thAugust 2012:  Schedule 

Vaccinations  are scheduled by the concerned Districts. For this service Farmers/Clients are requested to visit their veterinary offices for schedules.

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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