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Livestock Identification and Traceability
Livestock Identification and Traceback System (LITS)
1.    Introduction

The mandate of  LIVESTOCK INDENTIFICATION AND TRACE-BACK SYSTEM  (LITS) is to ensure individual identification of cattle within the country in accordance with the European Union  Council (EU) Regulations Regulation EC 1760/2000 and EC 1825/12, which requires that beef should be traceable back to the individual animal of origin and that a computerised central system must be established. This was to be achieved by using reticular bolus as a form of individually identifying the cattle and linking the bolus number to the owners’ information and location. This information is digitally stored in the central database and is accessible to multiple remote users.

2.    Description

This enables livestock data acquisition from remote locations Crushes(Megotlha) with limited infrastructure support for the network and the storage of the data in the Central Data Base.

It also allows data to be traced back through the processing and supply chain to the source of the product: farming unit of origin(Crush) and the individual animal there in.

3.    Objectives

a.    Ensure that cattle produced in Botswana are identified and traceable throughout their lives, such that EU regulation concerning the livestock traceability for imported beef products can be met and can continue to be met going into the future

b.    Provide additional services to the farming community including among others, safe and secure animal identification, improved cattle security and improved recovery of stolen and stray cattle

4.    Advantages
  •  An individual animal identification system.
  •  A simple, tamper-proof ID system which both the Public and Department of Veterinary Services ( DVS) can use.
  •  Long-term security for our established beef export market
  •  An additional marketing edge for Botswana beef in new export markets
  •  Accurate information on the demographics of the national cattle herd.
  •  Accurate disease information to assist DVS in livestock disease management.
  •  A linkage between cattle ownership records, brands and the Omang National Registration System

5.    Benefits of using the LITS system

5.1 To Cattle Owners

  • Computerised Brand Certificates and Herd Cards available fast from District Offices.
  • Computerised Movement Permits and new Change of Ownership documents   printed  on the spot at crushes.
  •  Reduced likelihood of Cattle Theft because of secure identification of stolen cattle.
  • Easy identification of stray (Matimela) cattle.
5.2 To the Government
  • Security for the Beef Export Market.
  • A Marketing edge for Botswana beef.
  • Accurate Cattle Census Information.
  • Accurate Disease Management Information.
  • A simple, tamper-proof ID system which both the Public and  DVS can use.




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