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Brand Registration
Brand Registration

1. Service description

All cattle in Botswana are required by law (Branding of Cattle Act CAP 36:02 ) to be branded for identification purposes as well as ownership. Livestock owners can apply for an alpha numerical brand to identify their livestock. The brand certificate is valid for ten (10) years and can be renewed 12 months before expiry date.

2. How do I obtain service?

  • Citizen customers must present themselves in person or send someone with a certified copy of their National Identity card (Omang) to the nearest Department of Veterinary Services office.
  • Non Citizen customers must present themselves with copies of  their resident permits to  the nearest Department of Veterinary Services office.
  •  After processing the information, the officer issues the customer with a brand certificate that same day if the customer applies in Gaborone.
  •  Should the customer`s application be submittted at one of the district brand transaction centres, they will receive their certificate by mail or collection at the office of application within two (2) days of receipt.

3. How do I apply for service?

There are two options available:

  3.1  The applicant may present themselves to the nearest brands registration office with their valid National identity card or its certified copy (Omang) or residence permit with the old or copy of the old certificate in the case of renewal.

  3.2   Using the postal order brand registration, the applicant must pay P50.00 registration fee at the nearest Post Office and send the postal order with their particulars that include the certified copy of their national identity card or resident permit. In the case of renewal a copy of the old brand certificate should be submitted to facilitate processing.

4. Can I transfer my brand?

A brand is personal propety. However, a  brand can be transfered to other persons provided a transfer of brand title is completed and signed by the authority. If the owner of  a recorded brand is deceased and the ownership title is be transferred, his/her legal representative has to fill a transfer form which has to be signed by their Kgosi detailing whom the brand has been transferred to.

5.  Cost involved in obtaining the service

A new application, renewal, transfer or additional copy costs P50.00 each.

6. Who is legible to apply for a brand?

  • Citizens
  • Non Citizens
  • Companies
  • Associations

6. How many brands can one own?

  • It is not limited to one brand. 

7. Where can I get more information?

Please contact:

Postal Adress Physical Address
The Registrar of Brands,

Department of Veterinary Services,

Private Bag 0032


Tel.: (267) 368 9000  Ext 9143/ 9161

Fax: (267) 397 2177

E-mail: DVS@gov.bw

The Registrar of Brands,

Ministry of Agriculture HQ

Plot Ground Floor Room 023,

Plot 4701 Mmaraka Road



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