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Licensing of Hides and skins Business
Licensing of Hides and skins Business

Services provided for Hides and skins

  • Farmer training on various aspects of hides and skins.
  • Provide permits on importation and exportation of hides and skins.
  • Assists farmers with preparations of hides and skins for exports.
  • Provide technical advice and practical skills on value addition in tanning and leatherworks.


 How do I get the services?

Farmer training

Contact your nearest District Animal Production office and consult with hides and skins personnel.


Hides and skins Business

All hides and skins buyers and exporters are required by law (Hides and Skins Act Cap 49:01) to possess a license entitling them to purchase and or export hides and skins unless it is for domestic use.

Types of licenses

They are two types of licenses  

  • Buyer’s license – Which entitles one to buy hides and skins within a specified district and one is free to have as many as he can for the various districts.
  • Exporter’s license – Which entitles one to buy hides and skins across the country and export them to the rest of the world.

How to obtain a license

The customer presents himself/herself to the nearest Department of Animal Production (DAP) office and makes a request. Plot assessment is done and where necessary the public health office is involved that is, for instances where there are no plots/areas designated for industrial sites). A license may then be granted under the following conditions:

  • Availability of water;
  • Availability of a drainage system;
  • A shed/shelter where the hides/skins will be preserved and kept; and
  • A quarantine area (only for an exporters license)

License Fees

            Buyers license P100.00 per year

Exporters license P200.00 per year

NB: Licenses expire on the 31st December each year and it is renewable only on condition that one complies with the hides and skins export Act.


 Preparation of Hides and Skins for Export


  • Exporters license
  • Import permit to destination country stipulating conditions under which the consignment may be accepted.

Procedure to be followed

  • Treat hides/skins as per the conditions stipulated on the import permit with the assistance of DAP staff (usually hides and skins are sprayed with 4% Sodium Carbonate and quarantined for 30 to 90 days) and the DAP office issues a quarantine certificate.
  • After completion of the stipulated quarantine days, consignment may be loaded in sealable vessels/vehicles, DAP officer seals the consignment and issues an inspection certificate.
  • Payment of an export levy at DAP accounts office which is charged per piece of hide or skin at P16.00 and P1.50 respectively is done.
  • The quarantine and inspection certificates are then presented to a Veterinary Officer who will then prepare an export certificate indicating the seal numbers, mode of transport, number of pieces of hides/skins and the condition or preservation mode. 
  • The consignment can leave for export through the stipulated boarder post accompanied by the four certificates (Qurantine, inspection, import and export certificates).

Where can I get further information?

Contact the head office on the addresses listed below:

Postal Address                                                            Physical Address

Department of Animal Production                         Ministry of Agriculture (Headquarters)

Private Bag 0032                                                            1st Floor Room 144

Gaborone                                                                      Plot 4701 Mmaraka Rd

Tel: 368 9173                                                                Gaborone


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