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Issuing of Livestock Buyer License
Issuing of Livestock Buyer License


1.    Service Description


All livestock Buyers or speculators in Botswana are required by law (Control of Livestock Industry Act CAP.36.01) to be holders of current Livestock Buyer’s License issued under this Part in order to purchase or otherwise acquire livestock for the purpose of trade. Livestock Buyer’s License is valid for twelve (12) calendar months and can be renewed just a few days before the expiry date. The administrative processing of the Livestock Buyer’s License has been transferred from the Ministry of Local Government to that of Agriculture with effect from the financial year 1st of April, 2007.



2.    How do I obtain a livestock buyers license?


Provide the following items to the nearest district agricultural office;

    • Particulars for business or individual
    • List of locations where livestock trade will be undertaken
    • Specify purpose of trade be it for stocking/butcheries or retail stores

After approval of submission of the above said documents, payment of livestock license follows and license is issued



3.    Required documents for livestock buyer’s license?


  •  Valid National identity card (Omang) and residence permit/passport  for non citizens
  •   Cattle branding certificate
  •   Trading license for registered companies
  •   Proof of financial capability


4.    Charges for attaining livestock buyers license


  •   Pay deposit of P200.00 
  •   Pay license renewal fee of P70.00 and P52.50 is paid up for license issued after the 30th of June in every year.
  •  In the case of Livestock Buyer’s Agent License, an applicant is required to pay P50.00 for an annual license and P32.50 for a license issued after the 30th of June.


5.    Conditions of livestock buyers license


  • Register the livestock buyers license with local Chiefs and district commissioner
  • Produce livestock sales report every month to district agricultural offices
  • Produce license together with valid identity card when required at the Kgotla


6.    Where can I get more Information?


Agricultural Marketing Division

Department of Agribusiness Promotion

P/Bag 00298


Tel: (267) 3689000



Livestock Marketing Officers contact phone numbers:


Gantsi               - 6596381

Kanye                - 5440121

Molepolole         - 5920529

Serowe              - 4630000

Lethakane          - 2978299

Francistown        - 2412092

Selebi-Phikwe     - 2600573


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