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Import Permits for Horticultural Produce
Import Permits for Horticultural Produce

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The restriction on the importation of horticultural produce is administered using the Government Statutory Instruments No.154 of 1985, No. 44 of 1996 and No. 30 of 1998. According to the above mentioned statutory instruments the importation is restricted when there is enough production locally to meet the demand either at Regional or National level. The affected crops are cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green mealies, oranges, choumollier, rape, spinach, butternuts, beetroot, pumpkins, watermelons, green pepper, carrots and sweet potatoes. In order to import the above mentioned crops in to the country the importer is required to obtain an import permit. The permit is single entry and is valid for seven (7) days.


  1. How do I obtain horticultural crops import permit?
  •  Acquire trading license and/ or hawkers license
  • Visit the nearest District Agricultural Office to obtain the import permit.

       Provide the following specific details to any District Agricultural Office;

    • Quantities and type of crops to be imported
    • Border post of entry( only one border post allowed per entry)
    • Country of produce import


  1. Required documents for horticultural crops import permit
  • Valid trading license for companies (with fresh produce indicated as commodities that the applicant is allowed to trade with)
  • Valid hawkers license (with fresh produce indicated as commodities that the applicant is allowed to trade with)
  • Valid National Identity card (Omang) or passport /residence permit for non citizens


  1. Charges for import permit



  1. Conditions of import permit
  • Ensure all copies of import permit are endorsed at the border post
  • Return blue copy permit to the issuing officer after produce import


  1. Where can I get more information?


Department of Agribusiness Promotion

Private Bag 00298


Tel: 267 3689000




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