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Soil and Plant Analytical Laboratory Services

Service description:

The Soil and Plant Analytical Laboratory is an analytical service provider in the Department of Agricultural Research (DAR). The responsibility of the laboratory is to analyse the following to assist in agricultural research and development;

  • soils;
  • plants;
  • animal feeds;
  • fertilisers;
  • water  

For quality control DAR subscribes to Botswana Bureau of Standards (water samples) and Wageningen Agricultural University (soil and plant samples).

Who can be assisted?

  • Subsistence farmers
  • Commercial farmers
  • Young farmers
  • Other government departments
  • Parastatals
  • Private agencies

How do I sample?

Sampling guide booklets, “SOIL SAMPLING FOR CROP LANDS” (English and Setswana) are provided.  Sample information forms (Form1 for soil and fertilizer or Form2 for plants and animal feeds) must be completed at the time of sampling.

Sample submission:

If you are a subsistence or young farmer you can be assisted by the District Agricultural Office (DAO) for sampling and submission. Certified copy of Omang/ID and confirmatiion letter from DAO indicating where your field is located are required. Other customers can deliver their samples directly to the laboratory.

Do I pay for the service?

Subsistence and young farmers are exempted 
Other customers pay per test ( price list ). You can also request the price list from the nearest 

  • District Agricultural Office or
  • Soil and Plant Laboratory, Sebele

 Where can I get more information?
The Coordinator
Soil and Plant Analytical Laboratory
Department of Agricultural Research (Sebele Content Farm)
Private Bag 0033
Tel: +267 3668100      ext: 8136/43/48
Fax: 3928965


The nearest District Agricultural Office.


Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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