Seed Testing

Service Description


The Seed Multiplication Unit (SMU) in the Department of Agricultural Research (DAR) is an official seed certifying agency in Botswana. SMU is mandated to certify seed lots under the Laws of Botswana and certification is limited to seed of officially recognized varieties so grown and inspected to protect varietal identity.

What is Seed Testing?

  • The science of determining the planting value of the seeds.

 Why Seed Testing?


  • To determine the seed quality i.e. their sustainability for planting.
  • To identify seed quality problems and probable causes.
  • To determine if seed meets established quality standards. 
  • To establish quality and provide a basis for consumer discrimination among seed lots in the market. 
  • To determine the need for drying and processing and specific procedures that should be used.


Which Tests are Conducted?

·         Germination

·         Purity analysis

·         Moisture determination



Who can be assisted?


      Seed Producers

      Seed Companies

      Private Institutions


      Individual farmers

Where do I Obtain the Service?


Seed Testing Laboratory at DAR- Content Farm,Sebele, Gaborone.


What is the Cost of the Service?


Cost of service is fully subsidized by Government.



Where can I get Information?


Head of Seed Multiplication Unit
Department of Agricultural Research (Sebele Content Farm)
Private Bag 0033
Tel: +267 3668100      ext: 8192
Fax: 3928965

Email: brsabone@gov.bw

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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