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Rainfed Crop Production (AGRONOMY) Services

Service Description


Advise farmers on improving ways of growing and managing cereals, grain, legumes and oilseed crops in order to maximize crop production.


Services offered by Agronomy are:

    • Promoting Commercialization of rainfed crop production.
    • Assisting farmers in utilization of modern rainfed farming technologies.
    • Promotion of food processing and preservation technologies.
    • Providing early warning food security information.

How do I obtain the service?


Contact the extension officer in your area, or the nearest District Crop Production Office


How do I apply for the service?


There are no application forms needed.


Cost Involved in obtaining service


The services are offered free of charge.


Where can I get more information?



Postal Address:                                                     Physical Address:


Chief Agronomist                                                      Ministry of Agriculture HQ

Department of Crop Production                                   Plot 4701 Maraka Road

Private Bag 00435                                                     Division of Crop Production

Gaborone                                                                 2nd Floor, Office No. 230

Botswana                                                                 Gaborone

Tel: (267) 3904138

E-mail: dcp@gov.bw                             






Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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